27 Jun

1. You have received an export order to Dubai. The importer wants Certificate of origin from you along with the consignment. What is Certificate of origin and how will you obtain this from your location. Explain the complete procedure based on your experience.

2. You have received an order for exporting second hand machinery to West Germany. You need to provide Chartered Engineer’s certificate to the Indian Customs for Export clearance. Please explain the following in detail:

      a. Who will issue Chartered Engineer’s certificate

      b. Whether this can be arranged by importer or exporter?

      c. What are the details to be provided in the Chartered Engineer’s certificate?

      d. How will you locate a chartered engineer to do this job?

      e. What is the action plan of Chartered Engineer before issuing such a certificate?

3. You have imported one consignment of Activated Carbon from Japan. Your clearing agent is asking for customs chapter classification number for this product. Please explain the following:

a. What is the chapter number for this item and from which book you will obtain this information? Which government website provides this information?

b. What is the rate of customs duty and the total percentage of duty for this product? Give breakup of the duty structure?

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