ABC Ltd is a small business organization into plastic manufacturing

13 Sep

Employee Development and Talent management

Q.1) ABC Ltd is a small business organization into plastic manufacturing. The environment of the company is such where there is a limited scope for employee training and development. Due to this, turnover rate of the company is very high. You are appointed as a consultant to ABC Ltd. Suggest a model to link business strategy and HRD.

Q.2) XYZ Ltd has decided to implement employee development program at their institution. The HR Manager has built the long term and short term plans for the employee development program. Company, now, has decided to seek your assistance to take the process implementation further as they need to ensure that the process is implemented as per the expert advice. What will you suggest as the next step?

Q.3) You are an HR Manager of a leading telecommunication hardware company. Your ace product is an 8000 Rs Smartphone. Your company is planning widespread domestic expansion. For this, you have recruited new 100 employees. Considering the above facts, answer the following questions

a) Suggest few on the job training methods

b) Suggest few off the job training methods

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