Answer to Financial Accounting and Analysis # 11116

15 Jun

Mahesh wants to start his business and for that he decides that he will take loan for Rupees 7 Lakhs from the Bank of Baroda. He also decides to use his saving worth 3 lakhs in the bank account to start the business. Discuss how these two transactions will be recorded in the books of accounts by passing the relevant journal entries? How these transactions will be reflected in the Books of accounts (that’ is in the financial statements)? Lastly, conclude your answer by stating the applicability of which accounting assumption/s you did the above mentioned accounting treatment/ recognition and presentation in the books of accounts.


3. Take Britannia Industries Ltd as a case. In the context of its financial statements and annual report answer the following

a. It’s a largely acceptable practice among the corporate entities to pay dividend to its shareholders. Take Britannia Industries Ltd as a case. Discuss and differentiate the types of dividend the company paid for the financial year 2020-2021. Also, mention your understanding about what could be the accounting treatment of Dividend in the books of Britannia Industries Ltd.

b. Discuss and share your understanding on any three profitability ratios which you feel relevant to assess the profitability of the company.


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