An Indian jewellary Brand “Tanishq” wants to enter into Middle East Market with its range

21 Sep

International Business


1. “Organisations engaged in International Business often face more complex situations then the organisations which conduct Domestic Business.” – Critically evaluate the statement and explain difference between domestic and international Business.

2. An Indian jewellary Brand “Tanishq” wants to enter into Middle East Market with its range. What are the choices available to enter into this overseas market and what is the best-suited option?

3. Vinayak began an electric fan manufacturing unit in Navi Mumbai ten years ago. He sells BLDC Energy saver fans to several towns in Maharashtra & South India. Though the business is doing well Vinayak started to feel that he should expand the business by attracting more customers. Vinayak has an opportunity to sell the masks to Sri Lanka and Mauritius. He has also been contacted by a party in Gurgaon for sales. Also it has been observed that worldwide demand for BLDC energy Saving Electric fans is on the rise. Based on his production capacity Vinayak can either take up the North India market or plan for Exports.

a. What factors are to be considered by Vinayak to decide if he wants to go for exports in Sri Lanka and Mauritius.

b. If Vinayak decides to go for Exports, what procedure and documents are required?


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