You are being appointed as the accounts executive of Jayesh Motiwala & Company

07 Sep

Financial Accounting & Analysis

1. Mr. Berrybell wants to assess the ability of an enterprise named Anyway, so as to confirm whether the enterprise is capable to generate sufficient cash flows or not. Anyway submits the following information for the year ended 31 March2017.

Particulars (Rs. In lacs)
Shares issued during the year 5
Capital assets purchased 1.5
Proceed from sale of an asset 2
Dividend declared and paid 1
Increase in debtors 1.5
Loss on sale of asset 0.2
Net income before taxes 8.8
Depreciation & Amortisation 3.8

Discuss the relevance of preparing the cash flow statement. Indicate and comment on the following:

  • Cash from operation
  • Cash from investing activities
  • Cash from financing activities
  • Closing balance

2. You are being appointed as the accounts executive of Jayesh Motiwala & Company. The principal business of the company is dealing in pearl ornaments at its retail outlet in Jaipur. The management is unaware about the relevance of accounting standard applicable while accounting for the business. Your responsibility is to convince them to comply with the Accounting Standards, by giving a brief presentation on the objectives behind complying with the accounting standard and the benefits to the enterprise by following the same.

3. The following is the Balance Sheet of Caterpillar Ltd as on 31st March 2017

Equity share capital 500000 Fixed assets 695800
Preference share capital 300000 Stock 135000
Reserves & Surplus 255000 Debtors 145000
Creditors 45500 Cash & Bank 150600
Outstanding liablilites 25900
1126400 1126400

Ascertain –

a) Current ratio and liquid ratio. What if the industry average for the same is 2 and 1 respectively.

b) Capital gearing ratio and interpret the same.

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