Assume that you have joined in as an HR Manager for CELLULAR IT

16 Sep

Human Resource Management

Q 1. Assume that you have joined in as an HR Manager for CELLULAR IT, a 7 year old computer software development company. In a highly competitive market and with social media interactions at its peak, explain the factors which would affect the hiring process, highlight the same with regards to the changes that are being driven in the job market due to the increase of social networking. Also suggest a plan to tackle these.

Q 2. ARJAI Containers is an Indian MNC involved in the transport of large size cargo across the globe via road and sea routes. This company plans to set up new branch offices at Dubai and Singapore. As the Head of HR, what should be your role in the expansion plan of the company? List out the objectives of planning to your subordinates explaining why HR plays an important role at this stage. Give directives for an effective HR Planning process.

Q 3. ‘Flora Travels’ is a travel and tours operator. Karan has been promoted from Assistant Manager HR to Manager Training and Development. He is required to analyze if the current training process is effective or not. He is also required to suggest alternative training processes to the management of ‘Flora Travels’.

a. Explain how Karan needs to proceed in order to identify the training requirement of the company personnel.

b. With reference to the role that Karan will now be playing, discuss the statement t –Karan is a ‘catalyst’ or a ‘change agent’ in the organisation?

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