B2B Marketing June 2018 Assignment

29 Mar

B2B Marketing

1. There is an amusement theme park opened a few years back named as Imagica which is an excellent source of entertainment to its consumers. Prepare a suitable B2B Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning Strategy for Imagica.

2. You are appointed as a Marketing Manager for a leading brand of Aroma Diffuser & Oil targeted to hospitality industry. The Aroma Oil is manufactured & is sold at various hotels, hospitals & corporates. Prepare a suitable Supply Chain Management to be followed for Aroma Oil.

3. Tas Ltd is an emerging brand in the business of tiffin services & is serving its clients successfully. It plans to offer its services to corporates for their employees & other events. The idea that Tas Ltd has is of tiffin services to be extended to corporates depending on their preferences. As an expert advice this new start up.

a. Prepare a communication plan for Tas Ltd. focusing on the corporate.

b. Recommend a suitable sales promotion tool to be adopted by Tas Ltd.

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