B2B Marketing

23 Sep

B2B Marketing

Q.1. SVC is a leading brand in the B2B category in the air freshening business in the hotel industry in Mumbai. As a Marketing Manager, suggest a suitable CRM strategy with the objective of stimulating the association with the customers.

Q.2. A B2B Company in the business of marketing & selling LCD projectors to corporate, wants to enter in to selling their projectors to educational institutes. Suggest a suitable pricing strategy.

Q.3 Read the following Case & solve the questions given:

VK Industries has ventured into manufacturing of bearings required in automobile industry. It is planning to approach automobile companies for the bearings required as a component in the manufacturing in the automobile sector. As a Marketing Manager of VK enterprise, you are required to:

a. Suggest a suitable Segmentation, Targeting & Positioning Strategy for the bearings.

b. As a new entrant, suggest suitable Strategies to create reasonable awareness for VK industries.

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