Answer to Information Systems for Managers # 11119

15 Jun

Identify some of the Green IT practices being followed by any company of your choice to offset the adverse impact of their business on the environment. Please provide the benefits of using Green IT practices in quantitative numbers/statistics (for e.g Reduced energy consumption by 25%).

Information Systems for Managers

2. The subject of “Information Systems for Managers” has impacted you so positively that you decide to convert your own house/building/apartment into a Smart Building. Suggest 5 innovative solutions towards a Smart Building & enlist their benefits for yourself and your neighbourhood.

3. You are a medium sized Travel & Tourism company based in Mumbai by the name of “Kesari Travels”. Owing to the past developments of terrorist attacks & heavy flooding in Mumbai, you are very keen to have a Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity Plan in place.

a. What Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity features will you introduce for your company? Suggest & briefly describe at least 2 such innovative initiatives?

b. If your IT consultant provides you a choice between ‘Real-time mirroring of your data’ OR ‘Periodic back-up of your data’ which one of the proposed solutions will you choose as CIO of Kesari Travels? Justify with 2 reasons behind your choice & decision.


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