Business Communication

27 Jun

Q1) Write short notes:

     a) The right Resumes for Effective job hunting

     b) E-Mail Messages as tool for successful business communication

     c) The art of Web Writing

Q2) Explain the following:    

     a) Communicating Across Cultures

     b) Using Visuals as aid for business communication

     c) Designing Documents, Slides for effective business communication

Q3) Explain in brief the process of effective Job hunting     

Q4) How business meetings are planned and discuss the process of Conducting and Recording Meetings.           

Q5) Discuss the various aspects of writing Research Reports.          

Q6) Discuss the various aspects of Creating Goodwill in business communication.

Q7) Critically evaluate Using of Choosing the Right Word, Revising Sentences and Paragraphs in an effective business communication.       

Q8) Define Team for business communication and Explain in brief the effective ways of Working and Writing in Teams.

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