Business Communication and Etiquette

18 Mar

Q 1) The sales professionals of your organization are impatient and unwilling to listen to their clients. What is the importance of listening? How can you help them develop listening as a behavior? What is the one advice that you would like to give them to improve their trait.

Q 2) As a manager of a growing organization, it is your responsibility to set a high benchmark for ethical communication for your team members. Elaborate on ethical communication and its importance. What key areas would you focus on to ensure the same?

Q 3) The sales team of Zenith Global has a proven track record of success with customers when it comes to giving a presentation or participating in meetings. Despite this the conversions of prospects into customers has been surprisingly low. On deeper analysis it was found that the team struggled with their written communication. Every meeting / sales presentation needs to be followed up with a sales letter to clinch the deal.

a) What should the team bear in mind while writing letters to clients they have interacted with in the past and who have shown interest in their offerings?

b) What approach would work best to convert a neutral customer who is not aware about your products or offerings?