Business Communication & Etiquette

07 Sep

Business Communication & Etiquette

1. How has communication transformed with the use of technology? Share any 2 technological tools you use for efficient communication and how they have helped you contribute more effectively in your organization.

2. Communications audit is a snapshot of an organization’s communication strategies, activities and programs. Provide your opinion on the statement by elaborating on its process and outcome.

3. You have been invited as the Joint Secretary of the Parents Teachers Association to celebrate Teachers Day at your child’s school. Since you are a counsellor, you also have to give the key note address for the event. Your child studies at a reputed school which has a legacy of 25 years. Most of the teachers are very senior with vast experience. The school is modern in its outlook towards extra-curricular activities but conventional as well when it concerns academics At the lunch, you would have the chance to interact with the management, trustees and teachers. You wish to make a great first impression that lasts and also seem confident while addressing such an elite audience.

a. Apart from preparing the speech, you believe your appearance will make or break the deal. What will you keep in mind while choosing your dress, accessories and make up for the event?

b. While meeting and greeting all the dignitaries, how will you conduct yourself when you are introducing yourself with an objective to build rapport with them?

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