Business Management

04 Jul

1. Discuss the various provisions WTO has made for the developing countries? Critically evaluate the impact of WTO on the India.

2. Discuss the present status of technology in India and Indian business organization. Discuss the role of technology in the development of India.

3. Briefly describe the process of formation of company according to the company law? Describe the various modes of winding up of companies.

4. Describe the various approaches to international business. Discuss the reasons why organizations cross borders. Discuss the impact of MNCs on the host country.

5. Explore and explain the cross-culture dimension of international personnel management.

6. Compile stock market data for a few specific countries. Attempt a comparative trend analysis to throw light on nation-specific investment climate.

7. Would you accept the view that economic and non-economic variables interact each other on the domain of business environment? Explain.

8. In what sense, is ‘India going global’? Develop some counter argument to conclude that it is a long way for India to go really global.

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