Business Communication

27 Jun

Q1) Write short notes:

     a) The right Resumes for Effective job hunting

     b) E-Mail Messages as tool for successful business communication

     c) The art of Web Writing

Q2) Explain the following:    

     a) Communicating Across Cultures

     b) Using Visuals as aid for business communication

     c) Designing Documents, Slides for effective business communication

Q3) Explain in brief the process of effective Job hunting     

Q4) How business meetings are planned and discuss the process of Conducting and Recording Meetings.           

Q5) Discuss the various aspects of writing Research Reports.          

Q6) Discuss the various aspects of Creating Goodwill in business communication.

Q7) Critically evaluate Using of Choosing the Right Word, Revising Sentences and Paragraphs in an effective business communication.       

Q8) Define Team for business communication and Explain in brief the effective ways of Working and Writing in Teams.

Business Communication

27 Jun


Nestle has launched quality street ,lion and after 8 choclates imported from Europe. Qualtty Street is an assortment of chocolates priced at Rs. 7 5 for 218 gm. After Eight is a popular adult chocolate priced at Rs.25 for 20 gm and Lion is a caramel wafer bar priced at Rs. 20 for a 45 gm bar. (Kit Kat )is priced at Rs. 6 for a 17 gm bar and has a chocolaty taste while Lion has a crunchy taste). The brands have different tastes and will appeal to different target segments (though the target segment is one which may have already been exposed to these brands during visits abroad). These brands have been introduced in metros in upmarket stores which sell brands bears the label “lmported by Nestle India Ltd.” indicating that they may be better than smuggled ones (which may be stale).


  • Suggest suitable media /media vehicles for promoting these brands. Give reasons in support of your answer
  • What business communication media you will utilize if you have to launch a soap in rural India?



The herbal shampoo market is valued at around Rs. 100 crores. Ny/e, Ayur, Dqbur and Biotique are some of the established brands in the market.

Helene Curtis (JK Group) has introduced a premium herbal shampoo (with variants Shikskai, henna and qmla and brqhmi and josur) priced between Rs. 80 and Rs. 90 (500 ml) for different types of hair. The proposition is the benefits offered by lhe variant based on the combination of herbs, benefits offered by the variants range from extra protection and nourishment to colour, body and bounce. The shampoos have been launched under the brand name Premium HerbslShsmpoos and they target urban housewives with a monthly household income of Rs.25,000. The brand is distributed through 7 0,000 retail outlets and 120 Raymond shops. The company has planned only point of purchase (POP) posters initially and may consider the electronic media later. The shampoo has an annual advertising expenditure of Rs. 10 crores.


1 Comment on the marketing mix of JK’s Premium HerbslShampoos?

2 How can you make their communication more effective?



Attempt all cases of the following:

(i) Iran Rafsanjan Co., Rafsanjan City, Iran has taken a marine insurance policy No. VB/84/3629/29 dated 20th December, 2005 from Albroz Insurance Co., Kerman City, Iran for the import of 500 tractor gears from Apex Products (India) Ltd., Delhi. The exporter shipped the cargo on board vessel — SEEMA on 26th December, 2005 for Bandar Abbas Port of Iran.

As per the letter of credit condition, the exporter was required to fax the shipment details to Albroz Insurance Company within 24 hours of the shipment. However, the exporter could not fax such details due to change in telephone (fax) number of the insurance company.

Draft an express telegram to intimate shipment details.

(ii) Yours is a multinational company having joint venture with a Chinese company. Plant is to be located at Surat. The company immediately needs an Executive – Foreign Affairs (male/female) with ability of “writing and speaking Chinese language.

Draft a recruitment advertisement for publication under classified column of a national daily. Salary-is no bar for the right candidate. E-mail address

(iii) The local head office of State Bank of India is located at 11, Parliament Street, New Delhi-110001. The bank wants to construct 76 flats at Noida for its employees and invite applications for pre-qualification of contractors. Full details are available on its website – or procurement_news.

Draft a notice for pre-qualification of contractors.

(ii) The Joint Admission Board (JAB) of Indian Institutes of Technology in its meeting held on 17th September, 2005 at Kolkata has taken some decisions with regard to Joint Entrance Examination (JEE) 2006, i.e., to appear in JEE, one must secure at least 60% marks (55% for SC/ST and PD) in 10+2 examination; a candidate can have only two attempts with effect from JEE-2006; and a candidate who joins any of the IITs through JEE-2006 will not be permitted to appear in JEE in future.* It was also decided that candidates, who have passed their qualifying examination in 2005 or earlier, will be allowed to appear in JEE-2006 as the last chance, witji no consideration of marks or attempts at JEE subject to age requirements. On behalf of the JAB, draft a suitable press release to be issued by organising chairman highlighting these decisions.

Business Communication

27 Jun

1. Define Public Speaking & Determine the purpose of topic Selection.

2. What is media of mass Communication & Explain the modes of Communication.

3. Explain the methods of Oral Communication in Terms of

a) Among Individuals b )Among Group

4. List the different Electronic modes of Communication & Explain the mode of Communication.

5. Explain 7 phases of negotiating tactics.

6. What is group discussion? How is it Evaluated? And what is the techniques of GD.

7. What are the techniques for writing Successful job application?

8. Explain the relationship of non-verbal message with verbal message?

Business Communication

27 Jun

Answer the following question.

Q1. What is the objective of Communication?

Q2. Define Communication & Explain the 4 S’s of Communication.

Q3. Write notes on Bargaining Strategies.

Q4. Write notes on Intended form, Block form and Modified Block form.

Q5. What is group discussion? How is it Evaluated? And what is the techniques of GD.

Q6. Which are the Qualities apart from leadership looked for GD.

Q7. Write Short notes on Hand Shake.

Q8. Give 10 pairs/groups of words that confuse (With meaning).

Business Communication

27 Jun

Answer the following question.

Q1. Which are the Conventional modes of Communication?

Q2. List the techniques for improving reading efficiency.

Q3. List the do’s & don’ts of effective listening.

Q4. Define negotiation & outline its process with Suitable.

Q5. Write notes on Integrative Strategies.

Q6. Explain in Short the 3 written documents related to meeting.

Q7. What does good business behavior includes.

Q8. What are the basis of legal aspects in Business communication.

Business Communication

27 Jun


Burgess and Green (2009) explain that YouTube users engage with this medium “as if it is a space specifically designed for them and that should therefore serve their own particular interests”. This can have enormous positive or negative impacts for organizations involved in crisis management, including but not limited to the inability of boundary spanners to monitor the vastness of this space; malicious users who might create a crisis; and the leveraging capabilities of this platform to enhance a brand during a crisis. Just as consumers can use this social medium to create a crisis for a company and interpret an organization’s reputation throughout, so too can an organization use this medium to manage a crisis and improve its reputation. CEOs of corporates, would come to understand this dynamic as their brand can suffer a devastating blow when their own employees can upload a vulgar video demonstrating the uselessness of their product.

Answer the following question.

Q1. What are the advantages and disadvantages of social media.

Q2. Give an overview of the case.



Zarathe Spanish clothing and accessories retailer founded in 1975,is one of the hottest fashion chains of 21st century, offering men’s clothing, women’s clothing ,cosmetics, complements and children’s clothing Since its initial public offering in 2001,Zara’s parent, Inditex tripled its sales and profits and doubled the number of stores for its flagship brands. Headquartered in Spain, Zara is now for its innovations and its stores operate in choicest locations in Europe, Asia and North America. Described by many as the most devastating retailer in the world, the company has rewritten a number of rules in the fashion retailing industry so far through its novel strategies. Any Zara store typically carries only a small batch of merchandise, compelling shoppers to visit the stores frequently. For example, in London, shoppers visit the average store four times a year, but frequent zara 17 times annually. Zara makes about 20,000items a year which are being released in phases. The small batch size helps the company catch the changes in fashion quickly and introduce new models at amazing speed-thanks to its grip over the supply chain. Every store places orders twice a week and shipments reach most European stores in about 24 hours’ time .Customers (as well as store employees) thus, are pretty sure about when shipments will arrive and visit the store frequently making enquiries. Zara has so far resisted the industry wide trend towards transferring fast fashion production to low-cost countries. By concentrating its production in-house and in Spain, Zara has developed a super–responsive supply chain. It designs, produces and delivers a new garment to its stores in mere 15 days, something very unusual in the fashion industry, compared to 6 month industry average. The company also does not believe in offering its products and discount and when it happens occasionally, it averages only 15%.Amazing to relate, Zara follows a zero advertising policy to invest percentage of revenues to opening new stores 1285 stores all over the world currently with annual sales of over $10billion. Zara is able to push competitors to the wall so far due to its ability to design, produce and deliver fashion garments efficiently and effectively, leveraging on its unique resource strengths and capabilities.

Answer the following question.

Q1. Why do you think Zara does not believe in advertising?

Q2. Why do you think Zara offer limited discounts as compared to other retail brands?



Employees were very positive about the SnapComms employee communications tools and the pilot process in general. The pilot team set up an escalation process for employees to leave feedback. “We did not receive one single negative comment about SnapComms, the offline time or anything to do with this pilot or process.” A survey was also conducted with staff in the pilot group to assess their satisfaction with each of the SnapComms tools. The results were very encouraging and endorsed the positive feedback that the Internal Communications team had received during the course of the pilot. Standard metrics that were collated for AHT, such as problem resolution, customer satisfaction and commissions were broken down so that results for the pilot and control groups could be separately identified. Improvements in resolution rates were made following the pilot. In terms of commissionable sales, the GenY pilot group performed better than the control group and their GenX and Baby Boomer counterparts, and suffered more when the offline time was withdrawn. Following were the key benefits of SnapComms channels • Messages delivered fast and read promptly by employees • Easier for employees to access critical or time-sensitive information • Comprehensive, robust reporting and measurement • Reduced volume of content sent due to content filtering and aggregation • Visual, fun and eye-catching ways to send information • Reinforced employee learning.

Answer the following question

Q1. What was the impact SnapComms on business KPIs? Comment.

Q2. What was the employee response to the SnapComms? Discuss.



Do you believe that communication skills are an important part of your relationships and that good relationships are significant for a happy life? However, you’re not sure where to start to improve your communication? Improvement of communication skill is necessary for better relationships at home and work It can be so frustrating when you struggle to get what you want to say across to someone important. And equally distressing when you know you battle to be in your best state to listen and be open to hear what they have to say. This series of courses will take you on a journey to put the building blocks in place for a strong foundation for effective communication, and develop your skills that are needed for relating to others to build relationships. For the past ten years I – and my clients – have been applying this communication model and enjoying more freedom to express ourselves, and noticed how our empathy and compassion have grown as we become more understanding, more understood and able to handle the complexities of interpersonal communication. Imagine being able to pick up where the miscommunication is happening, make the necessary adjustments that are within your control, and get your message across more often while also understanding others more easily. Would that be useful? Would that improve your relationships? By unpacking the complexity of communication we can simplify it, and then you’ll know how to develop your communication skills.

Answer the following question.

Q1. Why training on communication skills is necessary? Explain in detail.

Q2. Give your views on the case.

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