Business Planning & Policy Management

27 Jun

Q1) XYZ Ltd. Wishes to adopt the cost-leadership business strategy for one of its SBUs. How should it ensure operational effectiveness in terms of productivity, processes, people and pace? If, after 1 year, the company wishes to change over to a differentiation business strategy, identify the changes it should bring in its approach to attain operational effectiveness.

Q2) Take an example of any service institution of your choice (example: hospital) and suggest how operational control will work in such an institution.

Q3) Discuss the importance of strategic changes for the following organizational systems (a)

Information, (b) Control, (c) Appraisal, (d) Motivation, (e) Development and (f) Planning

Q4) Take an example of an Indian company. What steps should it undertake for resource allocation for implementing its strategies? What difficulties could be expected while doing so and how can they be dealt with?

Q5) In what way is the concept of life cycle and SWOT analysis helpful in making strategic choice at the business level?

Q6) Explain why business policy is a capstone, integrative course. How can an understanding of business policy help in a career choice?

Q7) Explain the meaning of strategic management in your own words. Identify the roles that CEOs play in strategic management.

Q8) Describe the essential characteristics of a mission statement. In what different ways can a mission statement be formulated?

Q9) Explain the technique of ‘balanced scorecard’.


Q9) Explain the term ‘corporate restructuring’.

Q10) Explain the following terms:

  • Cost leadership
  • Differentiation
  • Focus