Business Strategy

29 Jun

Q1. XYZ Ltd. Wishes to adopt the cost leadership business strategy for one of its SBUs. How should it ensure operational effectiveness in terms of productivity, processes, people and pace? If, after 1 year, the company wishes to change over to a differentiation business strategy, identify the changes it should bring in its approach to attain operational effectiveness.

Q2. Take an example of any service institution of your choice (example: hospital) and suggest how operational control will work in such an institution.

Q3. Give organisation implementation block diagram.

Q4. Discuss career planning & development.

Q5. Discuss about differentiation strategy.

Q6. What is the role of the corporate parent?

Q7. What is focus of control in headquarter level control strategy?

Q8. What are the barriers & challenges to headquarter level control?

Business Strategy

27 Jun

1. Describe four processes SECI through which knowledge is converted from one form to another.

2. Write down the steps of activating Strategies with special reference to Hindustan Unilever Ltd.

3. What is the VRIO frame work?

4. What is focus of control in headquarter level control strategy?

5. Give any two examples of Conglomerate Diversification.

6. Discuss how a development in a corporations societal environment can affect the corporations through its task environment.

7. Explain different types of industrial diversification

8. List advantages & disadvantages of different modes entry.

Business Strategy

27 Jun

Answer the following question.

Q1. What is strategic leadership at Info edge.

Q2. Explain about PEST analysis.

Q3. Discuss different types of alliance.

Q4. What is the role of the corporate parent?

Q5. Give strengths that support operations capability.

Q6. Describe characteristics of Reid which is influenced the internationalization decision.

Q7. Explain the concept of international strategic alliances.

Q8. What is the strategic role of subsidiaries?