Construction Management

04 Jul

1. What do you understand by “investment appraisal”? Explain the following methods of project appraisal. What do you understand by “cash flow forecasting”? What neat sketches, explain the uses of S – curve.                    

  • Return – on capital employed
  • Pay back method
  • Discount cash flow method

2. A company is engaged in producing a spare part which is sold at an uniform price of Rs. 100 each. The variable cost of producing the spare part amounts to Rs. 60 per unit while the fixed costs amount to Rs. 250000. How many spare parts must be produced and sold so that company breaks even? How much sales would be made at this level of activity, if the firm desires a profit of Rs. 150000.

3. Define TQM. Explain its various elements. Discuss the application of TQM in the construction industry.

4. What do you understand by “break even analysis” and explain its salient features and limitations.