Food & Beverage Management

04 Jul

Q.1: Note down the features of restaurant, Considerations Shown by Facility Planner when he/she designs the restaurant.

Q.2: Write out the Job Description of Steward.

Q.3 : Write a case with description when you visited any Bar & Restaurant  ,where you have find hospitality was not with proper training & according to you what all points are required to run that restaurant as manager. Discuss how it should maintain properly.

Q.4: What do you really know about the requirement of food & beverage consumers? How important is meal experience?

Q.5: How banquet & outdoor functions are organizes & executed according to you?

Q.6: How does the media influence public taste for food & beverage? Discuss strategic purchasing policy, Reality or chimera in food service sector.

Q.7: Are restaurant dress code in decline? Discuss, Should smoking banned in restaurant?

Q.8: How are wines classified & how are each different?