Hospitality Management

29 Jun

(1). (A) Give a brief explanation of the economic impact of tourism. Name two organizations that control or further the economic impact on tourism.

(1). (B) Describe in brief all the 5 levels of Hotel and their why of hospitality?

(2). Explain the term Management Structure and with the help of chart, plan the working of Executive Committee for 5 star hotels.

(3). What is the use of Human Resource management in hospitality world and in short with the help of diagram explain working of HR Department?

Task analysis → Job description Productivity Standards Advertising

→ Recruitment _____________ Selection→ Orientation→ Training→

Performance appraisal_________ Development

Short Staff in Kitchen

(4). Mr. Durgesh is the general Manager of one of the best restaurant in Mumbai, Known as The Mumbai treat.  As usual, at 7.00 p.m on Saturday night, there is a 30 minute wait. The kitchen is overloaded and there are running behind in check times, the time that elapses between the kitchen getting the order and the guest receiving his or her meal. This is critical, especially if a complaint is received because a guest has waited too long for a meal to be served.

Mr. Durgesh is waiting for the two head line cooks to come for the closing shift. It is now 7.30 p.m and he receives mobile calls from both of them. Unfortunately they both are one is sick because of flu and one and other is not able to come because of her wife is sent to the hospital.

As he gets off the phone, the hostess tells Mr. Durgesh that a party on 50 is schedule to arrive at 8.00 p.m. Mr. Durgesh is concerned, knowing that they are currently running a six person line with only four cooks. The productivity is very high, but they are running extremely long check times. How can Mr. Durgesh handle the situation?


1. How would handle the short-staffing issue?

2. What measures would you take to get the appropriate cooks in to work as soon as possible?

3. What would you do to ensure a smooth, successfully transition for the party of fifty?

4. How would you manipulate your floor plan to provide great service for the party of fifty?

5. What should you do to ensure that all the guests in the restaurant are happy?

Cafe Coffee House

Mr. Bean is manager of the Café Coffee House at a busy location on Linking Road, Bandra. Mr. Bean says there are several challenges in operating a busy coffeehouse, such as training staff to handle unusual circumstances. For example, one guest consumed a cup of coffee and ate two third of a piece of cake and then said he didn’t like the cake.

Another problem is suppliers who quote good prices to get her business and then, two weeks later, raise the price of some of the items.

Mr. Bean says that the young employees he has at the Café Coffee House are the greatest challenges of all. According to Mr. Bean, there are four kinds of employees-lazy; good, but not responsible; those who steal; and great ones who are no troubles.


1. What are some suggestions for training staff to handle unusual circumstances?

2. How do you ensure that suppliers are delivering the product at the price quoted?

3. What do you do with lazy employees?

4. How do you deal with employees who steal?

5. Describe the origin of coffee?