Insurance and Risk Management June 2018 Assignment

04 Apr

Insurance and Risk Management

1. Alok has completed his MBA and has joined the insurance industry. He was recruited for non-life insurance. He wanted to prepare himself with various types of non-life insurance policies offered in the industry, so he approached his brother who was also working in insurance industry to brief him. If you are his brother elaborate on various types of policies offered in non-life insurance category.

2. Neha was accompanying her manager in selling life insurance. Her manager wanted her to understand the different factors that affects the cost of life insurance. He asked her to make a small report covering the factors. Help Neha to prepare the report.

3. In the insurance sector, underwriters or actuaries use various methods to determine the rates of premium. As an insurance company is a profit business, the rate of premium charged for insurance must be sufficient enough to provide for losses and expenses while at the same time earn profit for the company. Alok works as an actuary in an insurance company. Suggest which method of premium calculation would be used in the following cases:

a) Same rate of premium is charged from individuals under the same situation.

b) Method frequently used by commercial fire insurance companies.

Insurance & Risk Management

27 Jun

Q.1) Mr.ABC is a 25 year old working professional & is interested in exploring an annuity plan that can take care of his pre-tax money which he can also disclose to the IT dept whilst filing his IT return. As an Insurance advisor, which type of annuity plan would you suggest to him & why? Name some of the existing annuity plans being provided by service providers in India. Also chart out an investment based annuity plan for Mr.ABC.

Q.2) India has one of the lowest Insurance penetration rates in the world. Given this fact, if you were to take over as the CEO of a brand new private sector Insurance company by the name of “WeCare Insurance” that has commenced operations, elaborate on the strategy & steps that you would undertake to help increase Insurance penetration & also of your firm’s Insurance product suite namely between ANY TWO of the following provided options

i) Health Insurance,

ii) Life Insurance,

iii) Property: Home Insurance &

iv) Motor Vehicle Insurance?

Q.3) “Boilers India Ltd”, a well established company into the manufacturing of Boilers & Boiler related equipment located at Pune had covered their commercial property under Commercial Property Insurance coverage during the year 2010. During 2016, owing to an electrical disturbance, there was a major fire within the plant premise leading to a near total damage of all their 3 Boiler equipment machinery.

A) As an adjuster of the Insurance Company, you are tasked with providing the full claim amount as refund for fire damage caused by electrical disturbance towards the value of the 3 Boiler equipment machinery damaged. Explain your process to assess & verify the claim amount?

B) As an adjuster for the Insurance Company, would you pay the entire refund as claimed by Boilers India Ltd? Justify with reasons depending upon whether your response is affirmative or negative.