Networking Management

27 Jun

1. What is Ethernet? How does it work? Also explain the fields of Ethernet Frame Format

2. What is First-Octet Rule? Give an example to explain it

3. What is the significance of hierarchical naming scheme? Differentiate among following addresses and their meaning with reference of DNS:





4. How is the domain name mapped with IP address? Use diagram to explain the process.

5. How many bits are used to represent the netid and hosted part of an IP address in Class A, B and C networks?

6. What is multicast address and why is it used?

7. Explain IP Routing and how it takes place.

8. Explain any three of the following with the help of a suitable diagram/example:

(i) 3-way handshaking for connection establishment

(ii) Flow control at transport layer

(iii) IP Subnetting

(iv) UDP Header Format