Clinical Research

29 Jun

1. While understanding headache what are the sensitive to mechanical stimulations? Explain Migraine & Tension headaches. State the Limitations of symptoms?

2. What are the reasons of the use of animals for clinical research? How the Guinea Pigs, Mice & albino rats, the hamster, rabbits & dogs are useful in clinical research?

3. What are the purpose of Laboratory tests carried out or employ by a clinicians?

4. What are the diagnostic errors? State the role or ancillary examinations?

5. How are new therapies introduced? What are the objectives of therapy?

6. Write as short note on:

a) Mammography

b) Electronic Foetal

c) Monitoring Tonsillectomy

7. In obtaining a medical history from a patient the clinician should posses some qualities. Explain them in details.

8. Human Nutrition needs or essential minerals name them & explain the importance of each?

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