Commercial Banking System & Role of RBI June 2018 Assignment

07 Apr

Commercial Banking System & Role of RBI

1. Cash Reserve Ratio plays an Important role in the economy and RBI plays an important role in monitoring inflation through CRR .Discuss how RBI perform this critical function using CRR as an instrument.

2. Assume you are a CEO in a bank. Your Bank has been nominated as one of best branches in managing its liabilities. Highlight through a presentation on the various components of liabilities a bank has and how these liabilities acts as a source of funds with which bank finances its operations.

3. A) You have recently joined a bank. Your manager ask you to prepare a short presentation on Asset Liability Mismatch. Describe in detail about ALM and its significance in banks.

B) As an actuarial in an insurance company, discuss how ALM plays an important role in this sector.

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