Consumer Behaviour

13 Sep

Consumer Behaviour

1. You must have seen several advertisements of various brands of tooth paste in TV and Print Media, while some of these brands having endorsement of Dentist, or by Indian Dental Association (IDA).

Discuss the ethical aspect of the endorsement by IDA or by a Dentist and secondly discuss how will this endorsement by IDA or by a Dentist impact the decision making process of customers to buy particular brand of toothpaste.

2. Top Indian MNC pharmaceutical company as their strategy to expand their business base, they decided to enter Middle Eastern countries; looking in to their specific culture in these countries, how far this culture will act as a business barrier for the pharmaceutical products.

3. Once upon a time Nokia was top cell phone brand in India it was known for its best quality, however the brand lost its ground in the Indian market completely;

a. What are the major possible reasons why Nokia lost the market grip suddenly and how they could have avoided this situation? Discuss the same.

b. Assume that they want to re-enter Indian market once again, in that scenarios what are your top recommendations for Re-Entry to Indian market, Product Positioning, Pricing and Distribution.

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