Customer Relationship Management June 2018 Assignment

31 Mar

Customer Relationship Management

1. If you had to choose from the models of CRM, which one would you opt for? Justify how the chosen model will benefit the BFSI sector.

2. As a customer which kind of loyalty do you demonstrate towards your preferred brands? What primarily drives you to be loyal towards a provider?

3. Tasty Treats is a café chain you have started from ground up with your hard work, focus and perseverance couple of years ago. After breaking even, recently your cafés are gaining popularity and you are expanding your business. The growth is rapid and your staff seems unprepared for the increase in volume of customers and managing the interactions smoothly.

a. Your staff doesn’t understand the consumer’s perception of the complaint process. Explain it to them in a simplified manner to better equip them to avert complaints.

b. How will you guide your staff to handle complaints from irate customers, in case they occur?

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