Customs Shipping and Insurance

27 Jun

1. Your company has imported one consignment and your customs broker has opted for second check to clear the consignment. However during customs examination, customs has found some excess items which have not been mentioned in the invoice. Explain the customs action on this and how will you handle this situation.

2. You have imported one consignment of 250 cases under CIF terms. During examination your customs broker observed a shortage of 28 cases and stopped the clearance. What is your action plan to clear this consignment and how will you claim the insurance for the shortages.

3. You are a customs broker. One company approaches you to use your services to export one huge consignment of 2000 boxes of same dimension by SEA. The company requests you to suggest the safe and cheaper freight for this export:

a. What will you suggest…. Export as break bulk or through containers and explain the reasons for your recommendation?

b. How will you assess the requirement of number of containers if exported through containers? How will you check the cheapest freight for this consignment?

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