Discuss about the exemption available under section 54

22 Sep

Taxation – Direct and Indirect


1. For the purpose of charging taxes, the Indian Income Tax Act, 1961 has identified and defined the specific heads of income. The charging sections of each head defines the scope of income to be charged under each head. Discuss precisely all the heads of income as mentioned under the Income Tax Act 1961.

2. GST N is a non-government body. This body handles the IT system of the GST Portal. Discuss the functions discharged by the GSTN in details.

3. Mrs Meera purchased a residential house property on August 6, 2019for R 30 lakhs. She made certain capital expenditure for the house in the month of January 2020 for Rs2 lakhs. She disposed off the property in April 2021, for Rs 40Lakhs.

a. Discuss about the exemption available under section 54.

b. Considering Section 54, Discuss the amount of exemption if any, amount of type of capital gain taxable in the hands of Mrs. Meera if she purchased another property from the sales proceed in the month of May 2021.


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