Disha plastics is a small sized firm run by a small family

16 Sep

Introduction to Management

1. Mr. Gopura owns a medium sized steel company. He has been managing very well. His performance appraisals are conducted through MBO method. He has staff working with him for years and seem to be very satisfied. However, since he is handling a lot of responsibilities all alone being a proprietor and cannot look into everyday things as much he would like to. Lot of his time goes into administrative responsibilities hence he decided to plan for Long Range Planning. Help Mr. Gopura to work out proper steps towards LRP.

2. Disha plastics is a small sized firm run by a small family. Mr. Gokhale and his son Saurabh are running the firm as partners. As management members of the company, both of them are very satisfied with the progress and also keep their employees satisfied and happy. The satisfaction of their employees is evident from their performances. However, Saurabh thinks, that the staff needs to be more accountable and more independent into taking decisions. So he decides to apply MBO technique on the managerial staff as a trial. In light of this case, please list down process of MBO in detail.

3. Inamdar Marbles is into exports of marble sheets and related products. The company has 350 employees spread over 4 locations. While the company is in the phase of expansion, they are planning to mobilise some staff across locations along with new recruitment. For the same reason, they have to go through the process of job analysis in order to work on the effective fitment for positions. Based on this case, answer the following questions.

a. What is the purpose of job analysis apart from fitment of the candidates? Explain in detail.

b. Explain the concepts of Job description and Job specifications in relation with job analysis.

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