Due to rapid change in the environment

15 Sep

Organisation Culture

Q.1) ABC Ltd has hired you as a consultant to advice on certain issues. You have observed following problems in the company.

  • Unequal distribution of power
  • Centralized structure is followed
  • High importance to individual achievement
  • Division of roles between genders
  • Higher degree of intolerance towards uncertainty
  • Short term orientation

You used a specific model of organization to make above observations. Which model of organization culture is likely to give above findings? Explain the model in detail.

Q.2) XYZ Ltd has hired you as a consultant for the purpose of assisting the company in creating the culture of an organization. Suggest a process for the same.

Q.3 a) After studying the problem of FC Company, you came to know that there is a need to create ethical organizational culture. Which practices would you suggest to create the same?

Q.3 b) Due to rapid change in the environment, Opaque Company, IT firm, is finding it difficult to survive. Cultural issues are rampant in the organization. You are asked to advice on making a change in organizational culture. Which steps will you recommend?

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