Elaborate on the factors that influence organizational structures

29 Mar

Management Theory and Practice


1. Green Bell is a retail giant in India. Currently only confined to metro cities for their giant super store outlets, they are planning to spread to smaller cities in India. While working on the resource allocation, HR is planning on shifting a few of the current staff to new locations while recruiting local staff at each location in parallel. They need to engage the current staff in training for the newer audience. Discuss the expansion from the point of view of Hofstede’s five dimensions to include in the training.

2. Sateesh is a project manager in an IT company. He needs to deploy some additional developers to be based on site. He has a meeting with the HR for the same and needs to give a plan of resource deployment to the HR with clarity on how many new members vs how many current developers can be deployed on site. Managers have to make many decisions. Discuss various types of decisions managers typically make based on nature of the decisions, level of the management or capacity.

3. EarthMovers Ltd are into providing heavy vehicle services. They have various heavy vehicles like tractors, cranes, bull dozers, mixer trucks, etc. They have been growing increasingly and have employed a total staff of 1200. They have divided their business in a divisional structure. Based on this information, answer the following questions.

a. Discuss the features of divisional structure of organization and infer the divisions that EarthMovers may have employed.

b. Elaborate on the factors that influence organizational structures.

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