Employee Development & Talent Management June 2018 Assignment

31 Mar

Employee Development & Talent Management

1. JK Tyre is one of the leading tyre manufacturing companies in the country with a sales turnover of Rs 10,000 corers. It is either number one or number two in the country in different product categories & enjoy a very healthy market share. It also exports tyres to other countries. But in recent times, market share of JK Tyre has declined. There are a number of customer complaints & customer satisfaction index has come down. It has a strong sales & marketing workforce of around 650 all over India & few of them are in outside India locations. CEO of JK Tyre feels that company’s Sales & Marketing employees must develop ‘customer orientation’ to improve sales.

As the Head of Talent management, what process would you follow for creating a n employee development program?

2. One Stop for all, a global retail company is planning to open 30 new outlets in Mumbai. They need to hire employees in the following categories:

  • Stores Manager
  • Floor Leaders
  • Customer Relationship Executives
  • Cashiers

The Company would prefer that the store’s manager is well aware of the philosophy and culture of the Organization. Draw a Talent Acquisition Plan considering various acquisition techniques.

3. Ankur Dutta, the HR manager of Landmark consultants, is facing problems of high attrition and employee dissatisfaction. The major reasons sighted is unhappiness with the current performance appraisal system that employee find biased and outdated. Ankur wants to design a new performance appraisal system.

a. Suggest any three modern Performance appraisal techniques that Ankur can consider.

b. What kind of problems and biases may be employees facing with the current system?

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