Enterprise Resource Planning June 2018 Assignment

31 Mar

Enterprise Resource Planning

1. Explain business model of Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) using Four Box Business Model. If you were CEO of TCS, which element of this business model you would like to change for increasing revenue of TCS?

2. Acme Mart is a five-year old retail chain company having 20+ retail stores across Mumbai and Pune. It is expected to grow its store network to more than 100 stores in next five years. Would you recommend data warehousing to this company? Justify your recommendation.

3. “What brought us here will not take us there!” Mr. Kale started the annual review meeting with this statement. Being a Founding Director of Indictrans Pvt. Ltd., Mr. Kale was well aware of efforts put over years by all managers participating in this meeting. With these efforts, Indictrans Pvt. Ltd. has become one of the largest service providers for open source ERP software called ERPNext. Mr. Kale now wants its company to grow further at faster rate by entering new markets and channels.

a. What action items would you recommend to Mr. Kale for aggressive growth of Indictrans Pvt. Ltd.?

b. Which ERP trends will you recommend to Indictrans Pvt. Ltd. to focus on for its future growth?

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