Entrepreneurship Management

29 Jun

Q1) Who is an Entrepreneur? What is the influence of environment on growth of entrepreneurship?

Q2) Discuss the role, functions and objectives of State Financial Corporation in promoting SSI Units?    

Q3) What factors present in our society could account for the differences between male and female entrepreneurs today? How do you think men and women entrepreneurs will differ in next ten days?      

Q4) How do you scout for new ideas? How do you shortlist the most promising ones? Discuss?

Q5) What is the importance of determining financial viability of a project?

Q6) What are the steps in identifying the critical path in a Network?

Q7) What is the contribution by Sigmund Freud in the field of personality theory?

Q8) Why do people resist change? How do you overcome it?

Q9) Explain the process of framing ‘Basic Business Idea’ and how innovation will be helpful in formulating business proposals?

Q10) Discuss the pros and cons of innovation?

Q11) Discuss the need for entrepreneurship based education in India and suggest measures for the sustenance of entrepreneurship attitude?

Q12) Describe the entrepreneurship external environment forces?

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