Explain in brief what are various the types of benchmarking

05 Oct

World Class Operations

Q.1. Explain in brief what are various the types of benchmarking. Discuss the concept of benchmarking with reference to a benchmark product/s or company in the automobile industry. Why do you think that it is the benchmark in the industry?

Q.2. Discuss in brief the various technique to achieve World Class Operations. Also discuss how can the concepts of Kaizen, Use of I.T., Optimum product mix, etc be applicable and implemented in an Educational institute for the institute to be World class. Discuss with an example if any possible.

Q.3. Indian Railways is a name synonymous to an operational activity at a large scale. Give your views on the following aspects of Indian railways

a) There have been several instances & reports of problems faced by customers during booking of tickets through its online What should Indian railways do to make this system world class?

b) Discuss the concept of DMAIC with reference to any one aspect (Food served/ hospitality/ safety, etc) of Indian Railway.

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