Explain to them what is salary /compensation survey and how will it serve purpose in Food & Health?

24 Sep

Compensation and Benefits


1. Your company, an Agritech startup which had a humble beginning is now gone for merger with a big MNC. Looking at that now the new management has decided to formulate compensation strategies. Before penning down the strategies, the HR Manager considers it necessary to identify factors that influence the compensation strategies. You, as an employee of HR Department, are assigned this task of identifying these factors.

2. In the past few years your organization has achieved marvelous results and had manifold growth. The success of the organization has skyrocketed based on which you are opening up a subsidiary in various other foreign(country) locations. You as HR manager has to device an international compensation. To your management present what is an international compensation and its the key components (discuss all components in detail).

3. Food & Health Pvt Ltd is a wholesome and organic food chain which after capturing a huge and overwhelming success in the online market is now venturing into retail business. The HR is now confused because earlier all their employees were part time or work from home but now, they have to engage people in full time capacity. You are an Asst. Manager HR and have been asked by your senior to do work on this issue. You have an idea to formalize this through compensation survey

a. Explain to them what is salary /compensation survey and how will it serve purpose in Food & Health?

b. Explain to them types of survey, which you would want to do and suggest which would be best suited for the organization.


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