Explain various ways to promote Track It brands online.

21 Sep

Digital Marketing


The company “Inno-we” launches a new variant of its product every three months to stay relevant. They have their products in two categories namely Earbuds and smartwatches.

  • “HearNow” is an established brand in the earbuds market. The company is successfully selling earbuds with the latest technology like noise cancellation and Bluetooth 5.0.
  • “Track It” is a newly launched smartwatch brand that is most affordable to Indian Consumers. The brand has brought many innovations to its product.

1. The company has a plan to spend money on promotions using traditional and Modern marketing. As a marketing consultant for Track It Brand, explain the difference between Traditional and Modern marketing and suggest with reasons the one that the company should undertake for their brand Track It.

2. What are the various Digital Business factors that will impact the Business strategy of Innowe?

3.a. Explain various ways to promote Track It brands online.

3.b. Explain various types of Digital Pricing models and explain with reason one that you will use for the Brand Track it.


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