Finance Management

27 Jun

1. Briefly define the terms proprietorship, partnership, and corporation.

2. Why do we add back non-cash items to net profit while calculating cash flow from operating activities?

3. “To avoid the problem of shortage and surplus of funds, what is required in Financial management? Name the concept and explain four points of importance.

4. Explain the impact of interest rate on long term and short term bonds?

5. What is Merger? Is it harmful or beneficial? Explain n Justify

6. Suppose Govt. pay coupon on its bond quarterly; calculate the intrinsic value of bond under following circumstances: 10 Year bond with 10% coupon rate is selling at Rs. 1050 face value of bond is Rs. 1000. Required rate of return is 12%.

6. What are Strike Price and Option Price?

7. Define the Diversifiable Risk and Market Risk and Causes of Risk.

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