Financial Management

27 Jun

1. Compare and contrast the potential liability of owners of proprietorships, partnerships (general partners), and corporations.

2. What is meant by Working capital? How is it calculated? Explain the determinants of working capital requirements.

3. Are the share holders of a company likely to gain with a debt component in the capital employed? Explain with the help of an example?

4. What do you mean by yield to maturity (YTM) of a bond? Explain briefly.

5. What can a financial institution often do for a deficit economic unit (DEU) that it would have difficulty doing for itself if the DEU were to deal directly with an SEU?

6. Why would an analyst use the Modified Du Pont system to calculate ROE when ROE may be calculated more simply? Explain.

7. How are financial trades made in an over-the-counter market? Discuss the role of a dealer in the OTC market.

8. What is a portfolio? Why an investor should invest his/her funds in a portfolio rather than in the stocks of a single corporation.

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