Hospital Administration and Planning

29 Jun

1. Explain the importance of office management in a hospital.

2. What are the procedures used for registration of patients in a community hospital? 

3. Explain organisation charts and its significance in a hospital. 

4. State the importance of medical records to various users. 

5. Explain control of furnitures as applicable to hospitals. 

6. What is the need for human relations in healthcare administration? 

7. Explain the employee welfare measures useful in hospital management. 

8. What is the need for a hospital manager? Describe essential qualities that a good hospital manager must exhibit. 

9. Discuss material purchase in hospitals and associated correspondences in detail. 

10. Explain the significance of filing of records and its essentials. What are the equipments that may be employed for filing purposes?

11. Compare Breakdowns and Preventive Maintenance of hospital equipments.

12. Discuss various office management principles as applied in a hospital. 

13. Explain different types of medical forms and its management for patient care. 

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