Human Resource Management

28 Jun

Q.1. Elaborate on the system of HR Planning. Outline the steps to be undertaken by organizations to effectively engage in HR Planning.

Q.2. Discuss the various ways in which the commitment of errors in performance appraisal can be minimized.

Q.3. The nature and scope of the Human Resource Management Systems keeps on evolving with the changes in the external and internal environments of organizations. Elaborate on the same.

Q.4. what are some of the traditional and current sources of recruitment used by organizations? What are their pros and cons?

Q.5. How does HRM enable organizations to adapt to the dynamic changes in the environment? Illustrate with examples.

Q.6. As an HR executive, how would you go about devising HRIS for a mid – sized organization?

Q 7. Discuss the various principles and purposes of promotion and types and purpose of transfers.


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