Identify the gaps in performance appraisal system

13 Sep

HR Audit

Q.1. Assume you to be HR Manager of Merwick Lynda Automobile Ltd. In order to develop and retain your employees and yield benefits for the organization, explain the HR practices you will follow.
Q.2. You have been hired as an HR Auditor to identify the key functional areas that have an effect on the HR policies and procedures that are practiced in the organization. Prepare the draft.
Q.3. Walter D’Souza, HR Manager at Xylo Inc. was charged with discrimination in hiring, pay and appraisal practices. Many departments were planning to file suits against Walter, for his unethical, judgmental and bias behavior. The Company wanted to know if its HR practices in the areas of selection and promotion are at risk and wondered if there were unseen flaws that could make Walter free from charges. To address its concerns, the company appointed you to conduct a HR process audit.
a) You have to evaluate recruitment and selection process.
b) Identify the gaps in performance appraisal system.

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