Integrated Marketing Communications June 2018 Assignment

31 Mar

Integrated Marketing Communications

1. You are the owner of a fashion store. You have planned an end of season sale. How would you use sales promotion tool to make the sale a success?

2. You are the brand manager of a teen brand. Your company has tied up with an NGO to teach life skills to college students from lower strata to help them succeed in their future careers. How will you leverage this association to build positive equity for your brand?

3. Case Study

Himalaya aims to double Market share in Men’s Face Wash

Source: PTI feed India Today

The overall facewash category is Rs. 1800 Cr. Of which Men’s face wash accounts for 15-20%. Himalaya is the market leader of the overall facewash category with 24% market share. In Men’s category they have a 10% Market share. They are looking at expanding their portfolio by evaluating Hair Gels and Creams for men. The Men’s grooming segment is estimated to be around 5800 Cr. And they are looking at sports as a platform to drive it’s mens segment. The Personal care industry is 69856 Cr. With herbal and ayurvedic being 31% of it. The company has 250 stock keeping units and 200 standalone retail stores and plans to expand it to 300-400 outlets in the next 3 years. The next growth will come from Tier II cities where they are looking at expanding their stores. 50% of current stores are also in tier II cities. Himalaya is looking at doubling their share in 3 years. Men’s grooming segment is growing at 10% due to higher exposure to brands on account of more men travelling abroad and exposure through online presence of leading brands like Gillette, Axe, Nivea, Emami Fair & Handsome.

a. In a competitive market with many serious players, how would you approach IMC to double the market share?

b. What tactics would you use for the Media mix ttowards doubling market share? What areas would you leverage in the promotional activity?

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