International Business

29 Jun


1) What is meant by Technology? What is its influence on business?

2) What are the functions of WTO?

3) What is international business environment?

4) How cultural factors do influences international business?

5) State the importance of business ethics.

6) What are the different dimensions of economic environment?

7) What are the steps taken by government to improve FDI?

8) What are the functions of UNO?


1) Foreign investment is necessary aid for developing countries like India” – Discuss.

2) Discuss in detail the environmental factors that affect a business.

3) What is privatization? What are its merits and limitations?

4) What are the role and functions of WTO in international relations?

5) ‘The changes taking place in socio-cultural environment in India is a boon for business’ – Discuss. Explain the challenges of globalization of Indian industries.

6) Describe the factors which are affecting the growth of International business.

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