International Finance June 2018 Assignment

31 Mar

International Finance

1. Finance minister Mr. Arun Jaitley announced in the budget about long term capital gain tax, share market gave negative reaction on it, explain the reaction of FII or FPI on long term capital gain tax.

2. “The Eurocurrency market owes its existence to differences in national financial regulation combined with declining barriers to international capital movements.” Do you agree with the statement? Explain with the help of various Euro-Currency Market instruments.

3. The Chinese government’s move to ban waste paper amidst environment concerns is expected to benefit the Indian paper manufacturers. Waste Paper (WP) is one of the major sources of raw material used for manufacturing the recycled paper products. The recycled paper products are extensively used for manufacturing packaging materials like corrugated boxes. The Chinese Government’s decision to ban waste paper imports has caused a drop in global waste paper prices. As a result, the price of recycled paper in China, used for packaging material, has increased due to short supply of WP. Indian manufacturers using waste paper stand to benefit on account of lower global waste paper prices (on excess supply) and higher realization for recycled paper.The global shortage of wood pulp has resulted in increasing prices of finished paper. Indian wood pulp based having requisite self-sourcing (farm forestry) are expected to benefit from increasing global finished paper prices.The companies like West Coast Paper, TNPL and NR Agarwal Industries which majorly import waste paper for manufacturing processed recycled paper are expected to improve margins on account of falling waste paper prices. As per the industry reports, the global price fall in waste paper is evident as the old corrugated containers (OCC), the most common form of waste paper, fell from €150 per tonne in July 2017 to €135 per tonne in December 2017. Also, the prices of Kraftliner, the recycled paper manufactured by processing the waste paper, have risen from €642 per tonne in July 2017 to €694 per tonne in December 2017.

a. Paper manufacturing Industry is one of the important industry for India and China, from above paragraph explain the positive and negative effects on the revenue of Indian paper exporter.

b. What will the impacts on FOREX because of Government of China Decision on paper bans? How India can take advantage of it?

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