International HR Practices June 2018 Assignment

31 Mar

International HR Practices

1. XYZ Ltd is a leading telecommunication company in India. The company is contemplating international expansion in Africa. After considering all the positives of such project, the board of directors now want to consider the possible bottlenecks. As an HR Manager, you are asked to point out these possible barriers or bottlenecks. List out the same.

2. ABC Ltd. is a global strategy consultancy firm based in India. They are planning to enter European market by starting their company in UK. They are planning to start a unit with 50 employees for which you are asked to design the compensation program. What will be the key components of international compensation program.

3. Indian Automobile company, operating in Saudi Arabia, has to shut its operations due to unforeseen political circumstances. This affects 150 Indian employees who were working there. In this background, as an HR Manager, answer the following:

a) What will be your repatriation process?

b) Highlight the readjustment challenge.

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