It is often stated that “E-governance helps in building trust between governments and citizens”

14 Feb

Information Systems for Managers

1. You have been appointed as IT Head of a soon to be opened bank in India by the name of “People’s bank” which will have branches all over India. People’s bank is a private sector bank. Highlight atleast 5 security threats that a bank may face in today’s times and suggest 5 innovative IT security mechanisms to ensure that such threats do not harm your bank & that your systems remain as secure as ever.

2. It is often stated that “E-governance helps in building trust between governments and citizens”. Do you agree with this statement? If yes, provide one detailed example of any EGovernance project undertaken by any municipality in any part of India. Provide features of the project & benefits. If No, then justify with appropriate reasons (minimum 10 reasons) as to why eGovernance does not facilitate trust.

3. The city of Srinagar is the largest city and the summer capital of the Union territory of Jammu and Kashmir in India. You have been invited as an external IT consultant by Government of India with a mandate to convert Srinagar into a “Smart City”.

a. Which “Smart” city in the world will you choose as a benchmark to emulate some of the best practices of that city into Srinagar? Provide atleast 3 reasons with brief descriptions behind your choice of choosing that particular city as a benchmark?

b. Suggest & describe atleast 2 innovative technology enabled services that you will introduce into Srinagar so that it can be called as a “Smart city”?

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