Jennifer Roberts has just been hired as the CIO at Hawthorne Investments

20 Sep

Information Systems for Managers


1. Farokh Motorwala is the CTO at D’Costa Spirits in Hyderabad, which has just celebrated its 30th Anniversary. The CEO has just announced an ambitious growth program for the firm. Farokh is therefore keen to is keen to revamp the firm’s IT Infrastructure and align it to the Corporate Strategy. In this context. What are the questions re: IT Infra for Farokh – The Business Needs & The Tech Issues?

2. Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL) is an Indian government-owned oil and gas explorer and producer. BPCL’s CEO is K. Padmakar. In this role, what is the Focus of the CEO’s role (i.e. Objectives, Kinds of Decisions, information needed, Timeframes etc.)? What are the Primary IS & Supporting IS Used (Description Data Types, Kind of Data, Type of Processing, which provides data to these IS)?

3. Jennifer Roberts has just been hired as the CIO at Hawthorne Investments. During her interview, Vijay Ananth, the CEO, had tasked Jennifer with the responsibility of revamping the firm’s IT Infrastructure. Now that Jennifer has come onboard, she is keen to get started on the Infra Revamp initiative and has targeted BYOD as her first initiative.

a. What is BYOD? Explain the three (3) levels of BYOD?

b. What are the Pros & Cons (2 each) of BYOD?


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