A large IT company is currently going through a leadership crisis

15 Sep

Organizational Theory, Structure and Design

Q 1. A large IT company is currently going through a leadership crisis. The CEO has just resigned and the dispute between the board and the CEO has left the top management team rudderless and divided. You have been appointed as the interim CEO and are tasked with getting the top leadership team in the company back on focused on the company objectives. Analyze the political environment (make reasonable assumptions) and discuss the Power Structure that would be prevalent in the company and discuss your way forward.

Q 2. Rivigo is a young start up that is establishing itself in the surface transport business. The main USP is that they promise and have successfully delivered 97% “On Time” performance and 95% “Zero Damage to Goods” to the customer. They are now looking to scale up the business and you have been made in charge of the same. Analyze the different structures that are available to you and recommend a suitable organization structure given the business requirement.

Q 3. Work culture and Diversity is a critical to the new age business. Discuss the following in the context of new age business like ecommerce business or a FM radio business.

a. Discuss how will you assess the current work culture in the company.

b. Discuss the approaches to Managing Diversity.

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