Logistics Management June 2018 Assignment

01 Apr

Logistics Management

1. Logistics companies in India are waking up to the global trend of offering green services to their customers and are showcasing what they do to reduce their carbon footprint. In your organization how will you have Green Manufacturing incorporated in Logistic Planning?

2. Physical distribution has two major objectives, namely decreasing the cost of delivery and increasing customer service levels. Discuss briefly with examples, various objectives in terms of total cost goals and customer service goals.

3. You have joined PerfectParts Manufacturing Co as Operations Head. You observe the organization does not have a formal inventory management system and use Ad Hoc approach for inventory management. Also the number items in the inventory are very high. Your priority is to quickly reduce the quantities of items and the number of items.

a. State the techniques you can use to reduce quantities of items.

b. State the techniques you can use to reduce number of items.

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