Management Theory and Practice

14 Jun

Q 1. On account of the protectionist stands taken by some major countries the Global consulting Business of the IT giant IND Solutions is hurt. The entire business strategy for the consulting business is being realigned. As a HR Specialist, you are required to share the Organization structure and propose a new (organization structure).

Q 2. You are the HR Manager in an organisation handling a regional profile and are aspirational and would want to be the Chief People Officer. In the corporate world the completion is stiff and you need to have a good professional image. Differences of opinions are common and needs to be handled carefully. How do you plan to handle conflicts effectively, discuss your thoughts.

Q 3. As the Chief Learning officer of the company. You are currently training the fresh batch of Management Trainees.

a. Explain with examples the different types of leaderships (min 5) and what situation these leadership styles can be used effectively to get results.

b. Maslow’s theory on Hierarchy of Needs can be effectively used to understand human behavior. Explain it to the Management Trainees with a simple example.

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